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The next generation will inherit Black Women’s negativity Thursday, Mar 5 2009 

(***UPDATED*** March 5, 2009, click here to proceed to updated material)

Children are so perceptive about an adult’s behavior. They absorb what they see and hear. Children spend their childhood learning not only how to ‘be an adult’ but how to ‘be’. They will adopt (inherit) their role models’ morals, beliefs, body language, and coping mechanisms.

Black Single Mothers are especially influential to children. Wherever a Black Single Mother steers children is likely where the child will go. A positive influence on a child will likely result in a child becoming as healthy an adult as a Black Single Mother can produce. And a negative influence will likely result in a socially, emotionally and mentally dis-eased adult.

When we observe the state of the whole Black Community’s character, we too often place blame on the state of Black Men. Certainly, there’s a lot of blame to be placed on Black Men in this regard. However, there has been an inadequate amount of blame placed on the more likely source of more common poor living skills, i.e. on Black Women, Single Mothers, and Serial Single Mothers.

As an example, the troubles faced and engaged in by Black People, can be generally categorized in five groups: sex, violence , materialism, personal responsibility and no’countability (good-for-nothing). The following are examples of the influence Black Women are having on Black Children in these areas. It’s not hard to determine the likely result in the children’s character as they become tomorrow’s adults.

Black Mother breast feeds infant while driving and using cell phone
Genine Compton was seen breastfeeding an infant while driving a van with other children aboard. And, simultaneously using her cell phone. The witness reported her information to the police and she was ultimately ticketed and charged with endangering her child and violating a child restraining law.

She defends her behavior by emphasizing it was a benefit for her child, saying, “if my child is hungry I’m going to feed it”. But this is just an appeal to the good parenting inclinations of her critics. However, good parenting inclinations are exactly why she’s being scrutinized for endangering her children, i.e. her bad parenting inclination.

Suggesting she fed her child because the child was hungry is a great defense, if that was the issue. It’s not the issue. There is no complaint about breast feeding her child. It doesn’t explain why she breast fed her child while driving (endangering herself, her infant and the other children with her) or while simultaneously using her cell phone.

Simply put, this Black Mother is deflecting from her negative behavior because she doesn’t want to take personal responsibility for doing something clearly stupid and irresponsible. And her older children are present during this video recorded interview while she makes defenses for her poor choices.

The police report quotes this mother, “I know all about safety, I’m not concerned about that“.

The lesson here is be a screw-up, deflect, insist on being a screw-up.
Read whole story (video)

Black Mother teaching young Black Girls racism, perverted sense of self esteem, false empowerment through sexuality, materialism and attention hoarism.

This has become a popular video. The most common reaction from Black Women commenting about the video is telling a story about their great parenting experiences to convince us it’s an isolated event. But it’s not isolated at all.

Black Women encourage little girls to be hostile, argumentative, drama hoars, and to empower themselves through their sexuality. These girls will likely be the most superficial creatures in their neighborhood (a neighborhood that will continually change before they become adults, since this woman is probably not a homeowner will probably jump her lease a million times).

The only competitors to their glorified sexuality, hatred and low self-esteem will probably be other girls raised by comparably idiotic Black Mothers. (with all of these other negative traits being present in little girls from other races , these girls can always pull the race card, as is seen in the video)

It’s not hard to infer or generalize from this video that the woman coaching these Black Girls is: Black, Single Serial Mother, uneducated, materialistic, racist and an all around Hoar. And these are similar to the generalizations most people make about all Black Women.

These two girls are our future that Black Women are raising today.

Other recently circulated trash from Black Women:

In the above video, the question rises, ‘how are these children going to develop healthy sexuality’?

Is there any hope Black Girls will develop a sense of decency with these Black Hoars for their role models?


All the evidence points in the same direction; Black Children are inheriting their negativity from Black Women. It’s not a hard conclusion to draw…Black Women suck.

Black Women vs. Children pt. 2 Thursday, Feb 26 2009 

When I began to compile cases of Black Women abusing or killing their own children, I was alarmed at how many cases exist and occur everyday. It seemed inevitable this Black Women vs. Children topic would become a series.

Today, I have an inbox full of cases emailed to me by readers. I’m familiar with some and have them queued already for future posts. Most are new cases and I want to extend a thank you to those readers who have emailed me submissions.

I guess good parenting is a revolutionary idea if you’re a Black Single Mother or a Black Serial Single Mother. But, since the entire gender (Black Women) thinks they aren’t responsible for their behavior, or specifically their sexual/reproductive behavior, what should I expect?

By the end of this post, you will be more aware of Black Women’s parenting skills, all because you learned one of their most callous character flaws, i.e. Black Mothers kill and abuse babies.

So then, this will be the 2nd compiled installment of a series–Black Women vs. Children, proving Black Women suck.

45 year old ‘grandmother’ kills 3 month old girl

PhotobucketCrystal Clayton was baby sitting 3 month old Shedoni Steele for Deawn Steele, a Serial Single mother of 6 children.

“Clayton initially told Deawn Steele that the baby had fallen off a bed…but later changed that account to one in which Clayton had accidentally dropped the baby…

Erie County forensic pathologist Eric Vey, M.D., who conducted the autopsy, found the baby died of traumatic head injuries ‘totally inconsistent with the version provided’…

Erie County Coroner Lyell Cook…ruled the death a homicide.”

(***Update** When Clayton turned the baby back over to its Black Serial Single Mother: “Deawn Steele told Clayton to take the baby to the hospital. Deawn Steele had five other children in the home and first needed to find a baby sitter and a ride.”)

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Child dies in SUV while Serial Single Mother gets nails ‘done’

PhotobucketBlack Single Mothers and Black Serial Single mothers love to tell you their children come first (whatever that means). But time and again, reality reveals that to Black Serial Single Mothers, many more things have higher priority than being good parents.

Gregory Cesar died in a hot SUV (reportedly 139 degrees) because his Black Serial Single Mother, Mirlande Jean-Baptiste, didn’t notice he was inside the truck. Meanwhile, she and her sister cackled away like hens getting their nails done and preparing for the mother’s wedding.

Mirlande Jean-Baptiste, “… planned to leave Gregory; his sister, Lisa Jean, 10; his cousin, Tracie Cineus, 8; and another girl with a friend, Emanuella Castor. Castor would take the three girls to have their hair done at a nearby salon.”

So many exciting things are more important than knowing the location of your child. Particularly when you’re a Black Serial Single Mother.

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Baby starved to death, 2 year old starved near death

PhotobucketNASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — “A mother and a grandmother have been indicted in the death of a 17 month-old boy, who detectives say was starved to death.

The 23 year-old mother, Chisa Hughes, faces first-degree murder and two counts of aggravated child neglect. The grandmother, 49 year-old Katina Ballard, was indicted on failure to report child abuse and aggravated child neglect. Both were arrested Wednesday…

…Police said a second child, a 2 year-old girl, was also suffering from severe malnutrition.”

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Black Single Mother ‘whoops’ someone else’s child to death

PhotobucketWEST PALM BEACH — “A 29-year-old woman pleaded guilty to second-degree murder this morning in the beating death of a 3-year-old boy.”

“The child, Kelvin Jackson, had a fractured skull, a bruised scalp and his body were covered with impressions from the decorative circles on Roundtree’s white belt, according to a court record.”

“She told them she repeatedly hit Kelvin with the belt and her hand before putting him and her own then-3 year-old son down for a nap…”

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3 children killed; 1 was stabbed and 2 others drowned by Black Serial Single Mother

click image for video

Prosecutor Michael Canty said New Cassel mom and Black Serial Single Mother, Leatrice Brewer told detectives:

“…she woke up her daughter Jewell, and told her it was “time to go,” Canty said. She then got a knife, slit her daughter’s throat and put her back in bed. She next drowned her infant, Innocent, in the bathroom tub and put him in the bed beside Jewell.

She then noticed that Jewell was still alive, and drowned her in the tub…

Finally she took her middle child, Michael, to the bathroom and drowned him…”

(**Update*** the father of the two youngest children killed by this Black Serial Single Mother reportedly warned the appropriate agencies about the danger his children were facing. Anoter case where children are killed even though they could have been placed with a their father.

Again, most child protective agencies are run by women, particularly Black Women with their soft science degrees)

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While some of these stories may be familiar to you, I’ve only recently discovered most of these either personally or they’ve been emailed to me. And I feel it only fair to share the horribleness of Black Women’s treatment of children.

There are dozens more Black Woman vs. Children stories I’ve encountered over the last month. Some are recent & others go back a few years, nonetheless, the callous fury with which Black Women treat Children is timeless.

If you feel I’ve left out a remarkable story or would simply like to share your own experience on these stories, please feel free to discuss this in the comments below.

Black Women vs. Children pt. 1


It’s not a hard conclusion to draw…Black Women suck.

The ‘black gender war is only online’ myth Sunday, Feb 22 2009 

(**Updated** Feb. 21, 2009)
Smug Black Women online love to spread the myth they aren’t being called out for their bullshit on the streets. As with most other things Black Women express this is another lie.

This ignorant mannish behavior is the result of Black Women’s bull dyke feminist transformation. Let’s review some things:

  • 1 of these women peacocks back and forth before men who openly hate her using her body to taunt them. This attempted provocative Walk of Femininity began when the men began chanting “You’re a Slut!”. How ironic!
  • 1 of these women repeatedly demanded the men, who openly hate her, get his hands out of her face, yet, she continued to position herself nearer and nearer to him
  • 2 of these women are obviously fat
  • 2 of these women are dressed like little boys
  • 2 of these women engage in masculine mannerisms
  • All 3 compete with each other for the attention of men who openly hate them–Attention Whores
  • All 3 women endure this abuse from men who hate them for nearly 7 mins. They loved every moment of the attention from men who tell them “we ‘gon be killing these bitches”

The black gender war is not only online.

UPDATE Feb. 21, 2009–More evidence against the ‘Black Gender War Is Only Online’ myth:

Even men who soapbox extreme stupid-shit in America’s streets know it’s not a hard conclusion to draw…Black Women suck.

Black Women vs. Children pt. 1 Thursday, Feb 19 2009 

By the end of this post, you will be more aware of Black Women’s parenting skills, all because you learned one of their most callous character flaws, i.e. Black Mothers kill & abuse babies.

Since I started this blog I’ve published several posts about Single Black Mothers & Serial Single Black Mothers who’ve committed infanticide. It’s difficult to keep up with these child murderers, even more so with the incidents of abuse.

So then, this will be the 1st compiled installment of a series–Black Women vs. Children, proving Black Women suck.

Serial Single Black Mom & Boyfriend Arrested in Toddler’s Death

Photobucket“The 18-year-old mother [of 2 ‘suspiciously dead’ children] and her 23-year-old boyfriend are expected to be arraigned Tuesday for the death of the 2-year-old boy who died Friday at Children’s Hospital of “blunt force injuries,” Detroit Police Cmdr. James Tolbert said Monday…

The couple had a seven-week-old girl, who died last September of “accidental suffocation” in a bed at the couple’s home, said Tolbert. He said an investigation will be reopened in that child’s death, too.”

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Serial Single Black Mom Accused Of Throwing Baby (Twice)

PhotobucketA mother is facing child abuse charges for allegedly throwing her 3-week-old baby across her living room, the Jefferson Parish sheriff said Wednesday.

Detectives said Cooper was frustrated that her infant son would not stop crying, and on two different occasions, she threw him across the floor of her apartment.

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60 Year Old Black Woman Molests 5 Year Old Girl

PhotobucketSHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) – A woman is behind bars this afternoon after allegedly being caught in bed with a 5 year old girl she was suppose to be babysitting.

Shreveport Police say the older sister walked into a bedroom, and found the two in bed together, with the 5 year old girl’s mouth around Stratton’s breast, apparantly sucking her nipples.”

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Black Woman: Retail Fraud & Infant Thievery

Photobucket“NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Police have arrested a Nashville woman who they say dressed up like a nurse and tried to kidnap a newborn baby from a hospital.

Police said she is currently on bond for her arrest on Monday on charges that she stole a baby rocker from a Walmart and then tried to return it for money.”

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Fat Mom Binds Daughter w/Zip Ties Over Food

PhotobucketA Denver mother is accused of regularly using plastic zip ties to restrain her 10-year-old daughter to keep her from eating…

The girl told police that her mother removed the plastic ties with a knife, which sometimes cut her or poked her…

Court documents indicate a doctor who examined the girl said there was a substantial risk the victim will suffer serious, permanent disfigurement as a result of being bound.”

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While some of these stories may be familiar to you, I’ve only recently discovered most of these either personally or they’ve been emailed to me. And I feel it only fair to share the horribleness of Black Women’s treatment of children.

There are dozens more Black Woman vs. Children stories I’ve encountered over the last month. Some are recent & others go back a few years, nonetheless, the callous fury with which Black Women treat Children is timeless.

If you feel I’ve left out a remarkable story or would simply like to share your own experience on these stories, please feel free to discuss this in the comments below.


It’s not a hard conclusion to draw…Black Women suck.

Shaming Away Accountability Is A Black Woman’s Favorite Ploy Tuesday, Feb 17 2009 


It doesn’t matter what type of Black Woman you’re dealing with, if you’re calling her out on her bullshit she’ll try to shame her way out of accountability. The video shows Connecticut Superior Court Judge E. Curtissa Cofield continually interrupting Sgt. Dwight Washington who was booking her on a DUI charge.

Following are some excerpts from the exchange that highlight Cofield’s tactics.

Keep in mind, this is how Black Women react to any degree of scrutiny, especially by Black Men, about their irresponsible behaviors.

Also, keep in mind Judge Cofield is an example of an educated, professional, powerful, Black Woman whose day-to-day life is supposedly spent upholding the moral fiber of all Americans–Black Men deal with this ALL THE TIME, especially when holding a Black Woman accountable for her behavior!


In an attempt to diminish a Black Man’s professional status and accomplishment, she calls Sgt. Washington a HNIC:

At 2:17 a.m. on Oct. 10, nearly two hours into the booking at headquarters, Cofield is seated at a desk and calls her husband on her cellphone. Washington, who like Cofield is black, is standing about 3 feet away.

Her end of the conversation, in part, is: “I don’t need a ride home. … I’m a criminal. … What? What? … Well, they got the head n—– in charge and he … Which one, the head n—– in charge? … Washington. OK. That’s H-N-I-G….”

Belittling a simple fact-finding question (and deflecting) she passive-aggresively reminds a Black Man of her own professional and social status:

Washington asks [Cofield’s husband], “Do you guys have Triple-A?” Hearing that, Cofield interjects: “Oh, no. We don’t. We’re ghetto Negroes. We don’t have Triple-A.”

Cofield’s Black Woman Shaming Tactics begin early by placing herself as the victim and Sgt. Washington as the wrong-doer:
Earlier, when asked if she was injured, Cofield replied: “Yeah, I am. I’m humiliated by your f—–g attitude.”

This attack is on something intangible, i.e. his attitude, rather than something empirical, e.g. his behavior. Black Women always elevate nonsensical threats–the kind of threats that ‘ought’ to exist, but may not.

However, if the threat exists, in this case, his ‘attitude’, then the target of the projection must deal with the shame of having presented the threat–after all, he shouldn’t have an attitude with a Black Woman simply because she’s a Judge who habitually drives drunk.

It is a loaded projection. A Trojan Horse, per se. Just beneath the surface of the projection, in this case, the ‘ f—–g attitude’, is the shame for having the attitude. Both are simultaneously projected.

Nonetheless, if Sgt. Washington had a bad ‘attitude’, he could simply say, “I’m supposed to have a bad attitude about you, you were driving drunk…” and he would be correct. But, based on the recording, there’s no good reason to believe he had an ‘attitude’ at all.

His ‘attitude’ was completely fabricated…by her. (Black Women, and some enabling Black Men, scoff at the increasingly popular allegation of Black Women’s ‘witchcraft’!)

We all should have bad attitudes about drunk drivers. Of course, she could not attack his behavior (something empirical), since, if the video segment is an example of the entire encounter, he was 100% professional and in my opinion, tolerant.

That’s why Black Women attack things that are difficult to justify in the heat of the moment. Your “attitude”, your “motivation”, and even your “romantic life”. Take Sgt. Washington’s example and ignore opportunities for such justifications while you’re holding Black Women accountable for their bad behaviors. Remember: She’s the one being held accountable, not you.

Judge Cofield reminds a Black Man that Black Women are in charge at all times and simultaneously shames him:

Asked if she was ill, Cofield replied, “I’m sick of being treated like a freaking Negro from the ‘hood,” and added: “Write it down, write it. Did you hear what I just said?”

Black Women want others to understand if you’re going to hold them accountable for their bad behavior, it’s an uphill battle the whole way. She’ll even take opportunities to “command” you to do things that she knows you’re going to do anyway. This way, the record shows you followed her instructions.
In her mind, when you complete the action, the score shows: Judge Cofield-1 Black Man-0.

If the action, in this case ‘writing’, is something you weren’t going to do anyway, she shames the fact you’re ‘writing’ anything else at all.

Seriously, take a moment to consider this…she is a Superior Court Judge. Although she makes being from ‘the hood’ a joke, isn’t that exactly how she’s acting? Again, this is a Judge. A Judge…

Attempt to make Black Men feel ashamed for being black:

Asked what her illness was, Cofield said: “Negro-itis.”

Judge Cofield’s insistence reminding Sgt. Washington of their race is either an attempt to make him feel ashamed for doing his job when it involves another black person, or with subtlety, remind him that Black (Negro) Men inflame her. After all, -itis is an inflammation.

In Judge Cofield’s day (she is 59 or 60), referring to Black Men as ‘Negro’ was common. Referring to Black Women as Negro Woman, was common. So her term ‘Negro-itis’ can be inferred to mean Black Man-itis.

Black Women attack a Black Man’s race with the skill of the most seasoned White Supremacist:

“Do you need to take any medication now?” Washington asked. “Yeah, I need to take anti-Negro, ummm …”

Clearly her attack is on the Sgt. Washington’s person. Not his role as an officer processing her. This is an example of a coping mechanism all Black Women have when they are being called out by Black Men.

Judge Cofield takes the Walk of Femininity:

When he asked what she weighed, Cofield replied: “Why don’t you look at me, tell what you think?”

By directing Sgt. Washington’s attention to her body, she is challenging his sexuality and inter-genderal courage.

Even the lowest rung Black Woman will remind a Black Man of her higher status (even if it’s imagined) and defy his authority:

When asked to sign a form that she understood her rights, Cofield said, “I’m not signing anything, because when it comes down to the bottom line, who’s smarter — me or you? We’ll figure it out, won’t we?”

Again, this is a fantastic example of a Black Woman projecting her character weakness onto a Black Man who is calling her out.

Who is smarter? It does not remain to be figured out, it’s already a matter of fact. The person who is *not* being charged with DUI is smarter!

More examples of shaming tactics Black Women use when being called out:

Washington asked if she was willing to take an intoxication test. She replied: “Mr. Negro Washington. I need to go to the bathroom, and then I will take the test.”

At another moment, after she had given a urine sample, Cofield asked Washington: “Do you have a reading on my urine test, Negro trooper?”

Asked if she took any drugs, Cofield responded: “Oh, yeah, I’m a crack addict. Do I look like that to you?” (Another, albeit useless, Walk of Femininity)

More about Judge Cofield’s recent background:

Community Court Judge Charged With DUI; Allegedly Hit Police Car Parked At Work Zone

The presiding judge of Hartford’s community court was charged with driving under the influence Thursday night after her BMW struck a state police car parked at a construction zone, police said.

Judge Appears Before Judge | Charged With Driving While Intoxicated After Her Car Struck Police Cruiser

Like any defendant, Judge E. Curtissa R. Cofield walked through the metal detector Monday at Superior Court in Manchester.


Cofield Allegedly Used Racial Epithet During DUI Arrest; Conduct Questioned

The co-chairman of the state legislature’s judiciary committee wants a full review of allegations that a judge charged with drunken driving last month angrily hurled epithets at police officers during her arrest, called a black state police sergeant nigger and told officers she was a state judge.


Judge’s Behavior ‘Reprehensible,’ Rell Says

Gov. M. Jodi Rell said Tuesday that the racially charged language that state Superior Court Judge E. Curtissa R. Cofield reportedly directed at police during her drunken-driving arrest last month was “clearly reprehensible.”


Judge Accepted For Alcohol Program

Superior Court Judge E. Curtissa R. Cofield stood in a cramped courtroom Monday and apologized for sideswiping a state police car with her BMW in October, an accident police say was caused by drunken driving.

Postscript: E. Curtissa R. Cofield

State Officials Eager To View Recording Tied To Judge’s Arrest

The case of E. Curtissa R. Cofield, the Superior Court judge accused of using racially charged language during her drunken driving arrest, has slipped off the news pages in recent months. But that could soon change.


Ms. Cofield got an eight-month suspension with no pay or benefits

It’s not a hard conclusion to draw…Black Women suck.

Black Women Commit Murder For Disrespecting Them Saturday, Feb 14 2009 

30 year old Morris Wilson made a mistake by hanging out with more than zero good-for-nothing Black Women at a time. It’s as if he wasn’t aware these women are a broken cigarette away from killing him.

To make matters worse, Wilson broke another obvious rule by hanging out at a Black Woman’s home. Independent Black Woman (i.e. Black Women supported by our tax dollars at some point in their life) will defend their cigarettes and punish disrespectful visitors by murdering them.

Clockwise from top, right: Carmelita Hall, 25; Miesha Nelson, 25; Roslind Ball, 23; and Tiffany Cox, 25

As it is, Black Women in groups are Cunt Cabals. His next mistake was being around a Cunt Cabal and arguing with one of its members over a broken cigarette. After being asked to leave, he was followed and stabbed by the Cunt Cabal approximately 20 times. While he lay dying or dead, the Black Women dug through his pockets thinking he might have some money.

Meet the Chicago’s Cunt Cabal: Tiffany Cox, 25, Carmelita Hall, 25, Roslind Ball, 23, and 25-year-old Miesha Nelson.

Almost 100 collective years of stupid, ugly, bull-dyke feminism gone awry (the appropriate feminism tactic would be to make a False Allegation of rape or Domestic Violence). These are four of the most obnoxious unmoisturized faces ever. I can barely breathe looking at them.

It’s reported Nelson first stabbed Wilson then passed the knife to Hall while the others kicked and punched him during the first attack. Witnesses distracted the Cunt Cabal and Wilson managed to stagger away, but soon the attack continued.

All four Black Women are charged with 1st degree murder & armed robbery. Read whole story…

These pigs can’t even think forward past five minutes, yet, these morons want to commit murder–over a broken cigarette and ‘disrespect’. In fact, here’s a concoction one of these Black Women managed as an explanation:

Officers later followed a trail of blood leading to Cox’s apartment, [Assistant State’s Attorney LuAnn] Snow said. Cox told the police she was there alone with her child*, but officers found the other three women heading out the back door, Snow said.

Hall later told a doctor a she received stab wounds on her hand because she used a broken knife and made a “stabbing motion,” Snow said. However, she later told police she got the wounds from cutting a piece of fruit.

Cox admitted to detectives she stomped on Wilson’s head, Nelson told them she stabbed Wilson once and took his coat and Ball said she kicked him, Snow said.

*Of course she’s a Black Single Mother!

The lesson here is if you’re partying at a woman’s home, and she’s a single mother, and three of her friends are there, and you’re wondering if it’s safe to break a cigarette, determine if they are Black Women. If they are Black Women, presume it is unsafe.

The retail value of one cigarette is approximately 30¢. It’s not a hard conclusion to draw…Black Women Suck.

Educated Black Women Suck Too Thursday, Feb 12 2009 

Monica Conyers, a city of Detroit councilwoman is an educated black woman. Her website lists as her credentials & associations:

  • University ofthe District of Columbia School of Law (Juris Doctor)
  • Central Michigan University (Masters Public Administration)
  • Bennett College (BA Secondary Education/ Political Science)
  • Lyndon B. Johnson intern in the nation’s capitol
  • sixteen years as a teacher and administrator
  • managing staff and budgets with the DPS
  • served as co-chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus Spouses Association
  • sits on the Board of Directors of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation

So then how do you explain this:

So let’s review how Conyers expresses herself:

“You’re not my Daddy. You’re not going to disrespect me. Grow up! Control your house and learn how to treat women.” Monica Conyers doesn’t just suck, she’s incompetent & a fool with trash mouth.

Following this outburst, Monica Conyers loses a debate to an 8th grader (who is a better woman than Conyers):

It’s not a hard conclusion to draw…Monica Conyers proves Black Women suck.

Black Single Mother & Lazy Whore Thursday, Feb 12 2009 


Black Single Mothers love to shirk their responsibility. They love to throw open their legs whenever the wind blows. They are having abortions at higher rates than any other race of woman.

And they kill their own babies.

20 year old Ciara Craig, from Kenner, La. killed her 1 day old baby by dropping it into a lake.

Kenner Police Chief Steve Caraway reported “she said she was not ready to raise a baby,” Caraway said. “She said it was the result of a one-night stand and she did not want it.” (Read whole story…)

Ciara Craig killed her own baby…because…because…she was not ready to raise it? So because Ciara Craig is a lazy whore her baby dies?

She is lazy & a whore–it needs to be said twice!

  • The mother was trying to hide her pregnancy from her parents.
  • She has been charged with first-degree murder.
  • An autopsy is set for Wednesday on the baby girl.

It’s not a hard conclusion to draw…Black Women suck.

Black Serial Single Mother Kills Child Tuesday, Feb 10 2009 

Lakeesha Brown is a Black Serial Single Mother of at least two children. A 10 year old daughter & the 7 year old son, Esmond, who she killed.

The child’s mother, 28-year-old Lakeesha Brown, told detectives she believes she suffocated her son by putting her legs across his head and sitting on his chest.

A body exam revealed that Esmond’s right arm was broken in three places, and he showed signs of being suffocated.
Read whole story…


It’s reported that in 2003 Lakeesha walked dangerously close to highway traffic with Esmond while she was high on drugs & police nearly used deadly force while restraining her.

This is not the worst part, but definitely worth noting, the father, Edwin I. Ross, is reported to have been trying to get custody of his child but couldn’t afford an attorney. Here is another case of a Black Serial Single Mother abusing & later killing a child that could have been with his father.

I hypothesize, Lakeesha broke Edmund’s arm & killed him hoping to hide the abuse by eliminating the evidence of his entire body. Hopefully we’ll discover her motives as the case develops.

Ultimately, this is another case of a Black Serial Single Mother popping out babies & finding monstrous ways to shirk her responsibility.

It’s not a hard conclusion to draw…Black Women suck.

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